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American inspiration and the modern madrigal

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American inspiration and the modern madrigal

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The Esoterics’ fifth CD, IMMAGINOSA features premieres by William Hawley and Stephen Paulus and other pieces that represent springtime song cycles on love and life.

Recorded after the IMMAGINOSA concert series in May 2004, this CD features several of The Esoterics’ favorite cycles. Ross Lee Finney’s Spherical madrigals resonates with the exploration and creativity of the Age of Reason, and Irving Fine’s artful cycle of six Ben Jonson poems – The hour glass – traverses the evolution of love during the human lifetime.

The second half of IMMAGINOSA will either put spring in your step or send you off into blissful dreams. First, revel in recordings of two premiere performances: Four reveries by New York composer William Hawley, followed by a spring madrigal, Now is the gentle season, by Minnesota composer Stephen Paulus.

Next, enjoy two contrasting settings of Emily Dickinson by Elliott Carter – Heart not so heavy as mine andMusicians wrestle everywhere. Finally, immerse yourself in two cycles of spectacular strophes by Sara Teasdale:The winds of May by San Francisco composer Kirke Mechem, and Donald Skirvin’s Alchemy, which was commissioned by The Esoterics.



Track listing

The hour-glass (1949) Irving Fine
1 O know to end as to begin
2 Have you seen the white lily grow
3 O do not wanton with those eyes
4 Against jealousy
5 Lament
6 The hour-glass
Four reveries (1995) William Hawley
7 Echo
8 Remembrance
9 My river runs to thee
10 Meeting at night
11 Heart not so heavy as mine (1938) Elliott Carter
12 Now is the gentle season (1978) Stephen Paulus
Spherical madrigals (1947) Ross Lee Finney
13 Love is a circle
14 When again all these rare perfections meet
15 All-circling point
16 His body was an orb
17 On a round ball
18 Nor doe I doubt
19 See how the earth
20 Musicians wrestle everywhere (1945) Elliott Carter
The winds of May (1965) Kirke Mechem
21 The tune
22 Let it be forgotten
23 Over the roofs
24 I shall not care
25 Song
Alchemy (2002) Donald Skirvin
26 Living gold
27 Cups of fire
28 Jewelled blaze
29 O Beauty
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