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Ancient petitions for mercy and peace

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Ancient petitions for mercy and peace

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The Esoterics is proud to present PENITENTIA, its fourth CD that features works of the Lenten liturgy by Poulenc, Pizzetti, d’Hollander, Herbolsheimer, and more.

Francis Poulenc’s Quatre motets pour un temps du pénitence and Bern Herbolsheimer’s Seven last words depict the final moments of Christ’s agony.

As the cloak of night descends upon this Lenten vigil, Tre composizioni corali by Italian composer Ildebrando Pizzetti and Trois nocturnes by Belgian composer Geert d’Hollander remind us that oppression often inspires the most profound spiritual contemplation.

One eloquent result of such reflection was Precatio pro pace, an ancient poem by Janus Pannonius set by the Hungarian composer Miklós Pászti.

Another was the unparalleled Pro pace motets of South African composer John Joubert, who designed a triptych around the poems of three medieval mystics – Scottus, Vulgarius, and Abelard – each offering a personal plea for peace: a prayer for mercy from the universal destruction of the Black Death, a lament on the day mankind invented weaponry to harm itself, and an ode that recounts Christ’s Passion and Resurrection as the triumph of non-violent protest and ultimate pacifist victory.



Track listing

Tre composizioni corali (1942-1943) Ildebrando Pizzetti
1 Cade la sera
2 Ululate, quia prope est dies Domini
3 Recordare, Domine
Quatre motets pour un temps de pénitence (1938-1939) Francis Poulenc
4 Timor et tremor
5 Vinea mea electa
6 Tenebræ factæ sunt
7 Tristis est anima mea
Seven last words (1998-2000) Bern Herbolsheimer
8 Father, forgive them
9 Amen dico tibi
10 Mulier, ecce filius tuus
11 Eli, lama sabatini?
12 I thirst
13 Consummatum est
14 Father, into thy hands
Trois nocturnes (1990) Geert D’hollander
15 Nox et tenebræ
16 Caligo terræ scinditur
17 Sunt multa fucis
Precatio pro pace (1975) Míklós Pászti
18 Ad Martem
19 Ad Dominum
Pro pace motets (1955-1959) John Joubert
20 Libera plebem
21 O tristia secla priora
22 Solus at vicitmam
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