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Masterpieces for double chorus

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Product Description

Masterpieces for double chorus

ANTIPHONIA captures the acclaimed program that The Esoterics reprised in Seattle, Portland, Tacoma and Everett in November 1999.

ANTIPHONIA consists of six choral masterpieces, each from a different nationality — Swedish and Swiss, Finnish, and French, British and American — and each with a unique rendition of antiphony (from the Greek antiphon, “singing across”).

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer deemed The Esoterics’ performance of ANTIPHONIA a “triumph” and a program “as difficult as any … [The Esoterics] … have undertaken.” The journal 21st Century Music praised the sound of the group as “sublime, pure, luxuriant, velvety … The initial phrases gave me chills; it was as if angels were singing.”

Track listing

Messe pour double chœur (1922/1926) Frank Martin
1 Kyrie
2 Gloria
3 Credo
4 Sanctus
5 Agnus Dei
Echoes from the heart (1998) Donald Skirvin
6 Ancient roses
7 Longing, Dreaming
8 I remember
9 Cantico del sole (1974) William Walton
10 …a riveder le stelle (1971/1973) Ingvar Lidholm
Figure humaine (1943) Francis Poulenc
11 Bientôt
12 Le rôle de femmes
13 Aussi bas que le silence
14 Patience
15 Première marche la voix d’un autre
16 Un loup
17 Un feu sans tache
18 Liberté
19 Pseudo-yoik (1994) Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
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