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Love songs by gay composers and arrangers

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Product Description

Love songs by gay composers and arrangers

Named for the acient Greek word for ‘nightingale,’ ÆDONIS is The Esoterics’ fledgling men’s ensemble. Their debut CD entitled AMORE features compositions by Franz Schubert, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Camille Saint-Saëns, and Samuel Barber.

Also on this disc are Love letters, four Tatar folksongs arranged by Bern Herbolsheimer, Ngam sang duan, a Thai song arranged by Steven Sametz, as well as two new works by Donald Skirvin: Songs of the nightingale, and Yet, love endures, a cycle of four poems by Hart Crane.

The final work of this disc is Eric Banks’ cycle of seven sonnets that Michelangelo composed for his lover, Tomasso de’ Cavalieri, entitled Sonneti d’amore.

Track listing

1 Deux chansons – Calme des nuits (1882) Camille Saint-Saëns
2 Songs of the nightingale (2004) Donald Skirvin
3 The sweet nightingale (2006) arr. Eric Banks
Love letters (2005) arr. Bern Herbolsheimer
4 Gold and silver
5 Red or coral
6 White
7 Rosy
8 Solovushko (1889) Pyotr Tchaikovsky
9 Ngam sang duan (2000) arr. Steven Sametz
10 Mondenschein (1826) Franz Schubert
11 To be sung on the water (1968) Samuel Barber
Yet, love endures (2005) Donald Skirvin
12 And bees of paradise
13 Echoes
14 A stolen hour
15 Worn more bright
16 And both shall row (2001) arr. Eric Banks
Sonetti d’amore (2006) Eric Banks
17 Quanta dolcezza
18 Ovunche tu ti sia
19 Un dolce lume
20 Nodo d’amore
21 Quanta dolcezza (Ritornello)
22 E vie più là
23 Non ti contenti
24 O felice quel dì
25 Quanta dolcezza (Ritornello)