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HUMILITY | The wish for simplicity

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This glyph is based on the Adinkra symbol called DWANNIMMEN,
and is believed to have its origin from Gyaman, a former kingdom in today’s Côte D’Ivoire.
It shows two interlocking rams’ horns, and represents humility, dignity, wisdom, and quiet strength.


In the final program of its 26th concert season, The Esoterics will articulate our common desire for emotional simplicity, or HUMILITY. This performance will consider the origins of lowliness as a result of humiliation or hiding, surrender or sorrow, generosity or gratitude. It will also examine the various different contexts in which we find ourselves humble: while tenderly in love, while patiently or hopefully in need, while meekly witnessing the majesty of nature.

Giving voice to verses from the Bible (John and Galatians), a Mohawk prayer, a speech by Chief Joseph (Hinmuuttu Yalatlat) of the Nez Perce, poems by Pablo Antonio Cuadra, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Annie Finch, Amy Fleury, Gary Snyder, and Dylan Thomas, The Esoterics’ HUMILITY will feature music by Gabriela Lena Frank, Stacy Garrop, Anna-Karin Klockar, Forrest Pierce, Sarah Rimkus, Sarah Riskind, Augusta Read Thomas, and Dale Trumbore.

The Esoterics will offer three performances of HUMILITY.
Please join us as we foster modesty, empathy, restraint, and respect.

Program list:

  • Dijo Cifar: A los pescadores [Cifar said: To the fishermen] (2015) by Gabriela Lena Frank
  • Songs of lowly life (2011) by Stacy Garrop
  • Surrender speech [from Speeches] (2016) by Anna-Karin Klockar
  • Gratitude sutra (2013) by Forrest Pierce
  • O God, thy sea is so great (2017) and We walked through the trees (2014) by Sarah Rimkus
  • We were once strangers (2018) by Sarah Riskind
  • Fruit of my spirit (2004) by Augusta Read Thomas
  • All we need (2015) and Spiritus mundi (2016) by Dale Trumbore

13 December 2019 | 800pm | St Stephen’s Episcopal Church | 4805 NE 45th Street | Seattle
14 December 2019 | 800pm | Holy Rosary Catholic Church | 4210 SW Genesee Street | West Seattle
15 December 2019 | 700pm | Christ Episcopal Church | 310 North K Street | Tacoma