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Leonard Bernstein Centennial

Purchase passes for August 25th at St James Cathedral

On 25 August 1918, Jennie and Samuel Bernstein, immigrants to the US from Tsarist Russia, welcomed a son, Louis, who would grow up to become a celebrated American conductor, composer, pianist, and educator. Louis was named by his grandmother, but was always known as Leonard, or Lenny, and changed his name legally at the age of 15.

After a half-century of accomplishments (and a turbulent personal life), Bernstein referred to himself simply as a musician. This is an understated description of a man whose broad achievements are unique in musical history. Bernstein was a brilliant conductor, a fine concert pianist, a pioneering educator, and a humanitarian, as well as a prolific composer. His compositions varied from Broadway classics, to ballet, opera, orchestral and chamber music, and even a film score. And of course, he composed choral pieces, many of which are among his greatest and most moving works.

To celebrate the life and work of this remarkable American composer on the evening of his 100th birthday, The Esoterics will be joined by cathedral organist Joseph Adam, harpist John Carrington, and percussionist Matthew Kocmieroski, and will present Bernstein’s entire sacred choral oeuvre (in English, Latin, French, and Hebrew), including: Chichester Psalms, his choruses from The lark, Missa brevis, selections from Mass and Kaddish, Hashkiveinu, Simchu na, and Yigdal.

25 August 2018 | 800pm | St James Cathedral | 804 9th Avenue | Seattle