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CAGE: John Cage Centennial

In addition to works from Cage’s Songbook, The Esoterics will also perform Four2, Four6, and Five – Cage’s atmospheric choral and ensemble works. The middle of these compositions, Four6, is a performance-art work that will begin when the doors to the concert space open to the public, a full half-hour before the official concert starts.  So, if you want the completely “Cagian” experience, be sure to come early!

 Famous for his use of improvisation, electronics, silence, and “prepared” piano, John Cage is perhaps the most important figure in the post-war avant-garde movement in music.  Not only was he an influential composer, Cage was instrumental in the development of modern dance, through his collaboration with his romantic partner, Merce Cunningham. A student of both East Indian Philosophy and Buddhism, Cage championed aleatoric (chance) music, that gave performers great liberty to interpret, and created his own graphic notation that often looks more like architectural drawings than a musical score.

Cage has a strong connection to Seattle, where he lived from 1938 to 1941, and served as an accompanist and teacher at Cornish College of the Arts.  At Cornish, Cage had the first opportunity to engage the arts in a multidisciplinary way, where he first combined his revolutionary music with dance, encouraging transformation in both art forms. It was at Cornish that Cage first created the “prepared piano,” and from there that he launched his own percussion group. Cage enthusiasts remain active in the Seattle area, and keep his music alive with performances of not just his “chance” works, but his wider canon, including his works for string quartet, percussion, woodwinds, and his piano concerto.

Please join The Esoterics for one of these three performances:
Friday  • 7 September 2012 • 8 pm • Seattle
All Pilgrims Christian Church  • 500 Broadway E

Saturday  • 8 September 2012 • 8 pm • Queen Anne
Queen Anne Christian Church • 1316 3rd Avenue West

Sunday  • 9 September 2012 • 3 pm • West Seattle
Holy Rosary Catholic Church • 4152 42nd Avenue SW

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